Engagement rings – the most exclusive pieces of jewelry that we create, often reflecting the romantic stories we want to hear so much. An individual engagement ring made especially for your loved one will be a great proof of your intentions. The gold diamond engagement ring is the most popular one. The price of an engagement ring depends mostly on the price of a diamond. The price of a diamond is influenced not only by its size and the number of carats but its qualitative factors such as color, cleanliness or cutting as well. We can offer stones of exceptional size or quality that you will not be able to find in a regular store. When creating an engagement ring, we will introduce you to the qualitative parameters of diamonds and their differences; moreover, together we will select the stone which reflects what is most important to you. You will save a lot of time searching for an engagement ring because together with you we will create the exact one – your special engagement ring.

Non-traditional engagement rings are becoming very popular as well. Silver rings with sapphire or ruby, gold rings with black diamonds, emeralds or amber – for those who are looking for exclusivity and are not following traditions. The engagement ring does not necessarily have to be expensive that it would be valuable to your chosen one.