We are glad that you have decided to order jewelry specially made for you. To better understand your wishes, we will ask you to disclose as much detail as possible. The individual order process usually is carried out as follows:

  • Please list your preferences in greater detail. Please specify what kind of jewelry you wish, what and what colour noble metal you like, what kind of stones, their colours, sizes and shapes of stones you prefer, etc. If you want something similar to the items found on our website, please indicate their names and details you liked. This will help to better understand your vision and wishes.

    1 Example: “I would like to order a golden ring with a sapphire and white stones beside. I like insertion of stones as in the ring “Shining star”, and the ring’s facture as in the ring “Life is sweet”. I would like combination of rose gold with white gold. I will wear the ring together with my wedding ring so the ring should not be very wide.”

    2 Example: “I would like a necklace – a chain and a small pendant with a small green stone beside suprasternal notch I would like the pendant to be circular and that the method of hanging would not be visible.”

  • If you have foreseen budget, please indicate it – we will consider it while drawing sketches and presenting materials (metals, stones).
  • Please indicate your contact information so that the jewelry designer can contact you and check out the details.
  • Jewelry house designer Viktorija Orkinė, taking into account your preferences, will draw at least 5 sketches of jewelry item for your choice no later than within 5 business days and will send them to your indicated email address.
  • The customer, having received the sketches, chooses the desired one or asks for adjustments of 1 or 2 selected sketches. Sketches are adjusted free of charge only once.
  • After choosing a sketch, the customer will be provided with an estimate of the jewelry production, which usually contains a reserve, i.e. the item may cost less but not more than indicated in the estimate, unless the substantial decisions are changed that are arranged with the customer in advance.
  • To start the production, we will need 30% of advance payment to the account specified in the sketchbook.
  • Jewellers of jewelry house v2o will produce the jewelry item within 2-4 weeks from the date of payment of the advance payment, unless the jewelry item requires special materials (precious stones, etc.) or the technological process is more complicated and longer than usual.
    The customer is informed about exceptional cases and different production term is agreed.
  • Having produced the jewelry, we will inform the customer by indicated contacts and will agree on the time and delivery method.

Individual orders can be made by email info@v2o.lt or by phone +370 600 22700. Let’s create jewelry together!