Not sure how to find your ring size or your significant other’s ring size? We have some tips!

  1. First, we suggest choosing the most reliable and accurate way – go to the nearest jewelry store and measure your ring size there. It is important that you size not only the size of the ring you are measuring, but also the width of the ring you are measuring because as it changes, so does the size of the ring. For this reason, to find out the most accurate size of your finger, we do not recommend measuring a wide ring, it is best to choose the one you plan to buy.
  2. If the first option is not suitable, you can find out the ring size at home. Take the ring you already wear and measure its inner diameter – the resulting millimeters will be the size of your finger. Please note that the result should be as accurate as possible, so there should be no rounding when measuring – measurements should be at least half a millimeter accurate.
  3. If you don’t have any ring at home, you will have to look more creatively. One of the most popular ways to measure finger size is a paper strip. Cut a narrow strip of paper and wrap it around the finger on which the ring will be worn, as if making a paper ring. Measure the length of the “paper ring” you made in millimeters and divide by π (3.14). We note that for the most accurate result, the tape should be well tensioned and leave no gaps. The result is the size of your finger.
  4. Enjoy the picking process. Even if you can’t find out the exact size of the ring, you shouldn’t worry too much about it, because in most cases the size can be adjusted. Of course, we recommend that before buying a ring, you should check whether its size can be adjusted, and when making a ring according to a special order, you should notify the jeweler about this in advance, so that in order to facilitate further adjustment, this is already taken into account during the production process.

Come to v2o jewelry store and we will take care of everything. We will measure the size of your finger on the spot, let you try on rings of various widths, advise and help you choose the most convenient option for you. We adjust and take care of the rings we make even after they leave for your home, so even after a year you feel that the product has started to press or become loose, you can return and we will do everything so that the jewelry continues to please you not only with its appearance, but also with its comfort.

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